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About Us

Welcome to the wonder of salt at Salt Wonders!

Wonders a retail outlet in Houston, Tx and will be your one stop shop for every kind of Himalayan Rock Salt Product From Himalayas. We are offering complete range of Himalayan salt products at Salt Wonders. Himalayan salt with 84 minerals by far is one the most healthiest and purest salt to be found on earth for eating, ionization, bathing, detoxification, and inhaling (learn more about Himalayan salt). Around the globe 32 different industries are using Himalayan rock salt for different purposes.

Himalayan crystal rock salt products, from IndusClassic® brand, make excellent gifts for any occasion and will surely be the most unique item your friend or loved one has ever received.

We are working hard to build Salt Wonders a Retail Outlet in Houston, Tx and a truly wonderful place by combining the treasures of nature along with rare crafts collected from Himalaya and to offer creative design, high-quality salt products at affordable prices. We are committed to make the Salt Wonders shopping experience enjoyable in every way by providing first-class customer service, and guaranteed complete customer satisfaction with every purchase.

Visit Salt Wonder to find the wonder of salt!
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